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btf academyOne of the values of the Novius Consulting Group is that we share our knowledge. Therefore, we provide full, high level education about both theory and practice regarding BTF at the BTF Academy.

The emergence of disruptive technologies, makes innovation and successful business transformation essential for organizations. Managers of different departments are concerned with how to cope with these fast changing markets. The Novius Business Transformation Framework® helps organization by formulating their goals and identifying what actions need to be taken to realize a desired situation.

In the BTF Academy, Novius will teach participants how to work according to the Novius Business Transformation Framework® and learn them how to implement this approach in their own organization. Whether the participant is able to completely design a Business and Information Plan according to the Business Transformation Framework® after the course, depends on his experience, knowledge and skills and the complexity of his organization.

Target group
The BTF Academy is meant for employees with at least bachelor degree (HBO-level), who are part of the strategic development and translation from the strategic goals to the tactical and/or operational level.

The content of the BTF Academy
Novius has already helped more than 200 companies with implementing the Business Transformation Framework®, enabling them to realize their goals. Therefore, during the BTF Academy you will learn how the Business Transformation Framework® works and how it can be used in practice. The main focus will be on how the products/services, processes, information systems and IT infrastructure can be aligned and how to identify which actions need to be taken in order to realize their strategic goals.

The following subjects will be highlighted during the academy:

  • What is the theory of BTF and when is it used;
  • How to apply the Business Transformation Framework® in designing your business and information plan;
  • Defining and optimizing your business strategy;
  • Designing architecture;
  • Defining your projects and activities and how to prioritize and plan them;
  • Tips and Tricks for applying the Business Transformation Framework® in your own organization.

The BTF Academy contains theory as well as practical assignments and at the end you will give a presentation of your own Business and Information plan.

Mavim Rules
Especially for the people who are experienced in using BTF to transform their organisation and wants to benefit from using the Mavim software to support the creation of their BTF, there is an additional day to learn the highlights for developing BTF in Mavim Rules in a one-day course.

Following this day has numerous advantages. For example, Mavim makes it possible to easily create, manage and maintain an infinite number of relations between BTF subjects. This enables you to visualize the necessary strategic- and Business – IT alignment between all elements in the framework. Even more important, it ensures you to not miss any important relation. Furthermore, Mavim enables you to quickly publish (elements of) your BTF, making it accessible to a large group of stakeholders. These publications are visually attractive and understandable for the target audience, while not giving in to correctness, completeness or consistency of the BTF content. Many other advantages to fabricate a BTF in Mavim could be given.

To be eligible for the Mavim BTF training in one day, the following courses have to be completed:

  • The four day Novius BTF academy
  • The (online) Mavim Rules Basic & Advanced training

Pricing & Details

The BTF Academy exists of 4 days and costs €2000,- excl. tax. This price is excluding the Mavim BTF one-day training.

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