“Digital leadership is a team sport, with CEOs expecting their CIOs to be “first among equals.” To succeed, CIOs must rethink and retool their approach to all the layers of their business’s platform, not just the technical one.”

(The Gartner CIO Agenda Report 2016)

With nearly 40% of CIOs reporting that they are the leaders of digital transformation in their enterprise, and 34% the innovation leaders, CIOs are clearly being given the opportunity to lead a digital transformation that exploits platform effects specifically in:

  • Leadership & innovation
  • Talent
  • Delivery

Talent has now been recognized globally as the single biggest issue standing in the way of CIOs achieving their objectives. The biggest talent gaps are around information — big data, analytics, and information management — followed by business knowledge/acumen. Worryingly, many of these gaps are the same ones CIOs cited four years ago.

The survey found that the need to innovate is driving penetration of the bimodal construct having two modes of IT, and ultimately of the entire business. Bimodal captures the platform characteristic of continuously building and refactoring capabilities for the future, and seems to have captured the global business mood, with leading companies increasingly separating the more exploratory parts of their businesses from those that exploit the well-established business (e.g., Google’s Alphabet).

Novius recognizes these challenges and provides support to CIO’s and their teams to develop plans and solutions to manage them.

Examples include the development of customer centric digital strategies, designing omnichannel organizations and developing the necessary skills to make the transitions happen.

The impact in the field of architecture, portfolio management and information management get special attention , including the utilization of the Agile / SCRUM opportunities.