Transform to new networked and technology enabled business models

Driven by intense international competition, continuing pressure on prices and the rapid deployment of technological innovations many players in the manufacturing industry are forced to change their game. They need new sources of added value for customers and find ways to deliver faster and more efficiently in order to sustain healthy margins and boost growth. Therefor industry players need to harness new innovative technologies effectively, foster networks to provide them with highly specialised expertise and intensify collaboration with others in their supply chain.

  1. New technological innovations (ro/cobotizing, 3D printing, sensoring, nanotechnology, cleantech, smart industry, etc.)
  2. Supply chain collaboration (co-production, co-product development, etc.)
  3. Knowledge networks (highly specialized technological knowledge sourced from several networks)
  4. Growth by innovating offerings and entry in new markets (Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc.)


BTF is an approach to get from strategy to a plan of action while ensuring completeness, consistency, alignment, strategic prioritization and responsiveness. Over the last 25 years BTF has proven to be a very effective and efficient tool in many transformations, over and over again.


“Novius made a Business Transformation Plan with us which made an important contribution to the alignment of business and IT. What sets Novius apart is the combination of simplicity and completeness.

Sandra Schellekens

Former Chief Information Officer, Dela

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