Business Transformation Framework®

The Business Transformation Framework®. A practical approach that helps organizations design, develop, plan and govern organizational change.

Organisations want to transform their businesses according to today’s market environments. Due to disruptive technologies, these environments are changing faster than ever before. To ensure future-proof business transformations, Novius has created the Business Transformation Framework®. This approach has proven itself over the past twenty years to be a very successful method to get from strategy to execution. The Novius Business Transformation Framework® (BTF) is the key model in our unique approach. The BTF consists of five steps to clearly translate your strategy into executable programs and projects.


business transformation framework®
The BTF approach

A clear strategy is crucial for organizational success. Hence, the first step is to review the existing strategy and improve it if necessary.

Secondly, the organizational strategy is translated into guiding principles. These principles further operationalize the strategy. This ensures that there is a unified understanding of the meaning and preferred interpretation of the company’s strategy and objectives.

Thirdly, the main organizational architectures are reviewed. The current situation is addressed and a target situation is designed based on the guiding principles. This ensures that all guiding principles are realized once the target situation is fully implemented.

Fourthly, the issues which need to be addressed to get from the current to the target situation are mapped. Actions are necessary to deal with all different kinds of issues. All of these actions are formulated.

Finally, actions with a strong coherence are grouped together to form a project. Because of the vertical relation between the elements in the BTF, it is always clear what the strategic contribution of a project is. It is even possible to provide insight in the consequences of not addressing one single action item within a project. Hence, the problem of not completely knowing whether (and how much) a project is contributing in realizing the business strategy belongs to the past when using BTF.

Added value

The Novius Business Transformation Framework® ensures effective tuning of business organization and information system management. Customer needs, products, services, channels, business processes, management and organization on one side and IT requirements, data, information systems and infrastructure at the other. With BTF these different organizational ellements are completely aligned, resulting in maximizing business results.

Using BTF will help your organization in multiple ways:

  • BTF increases the organizational agility, because it is not a one-time process. Implementing BTF will ensure that getting from strategy to execution will be a continuous organizational process.
  • BTF ensures that environmental changes, innovations or new technologies are approached in a holistic manner. Examples are customer journey mapping and big data integration.
  • BTF results can be used in the prioritization of the portfolio of projects, because of the clear vertical alignment ‘from strategy to the execution of projects’ that is embedded in the framework.
  • BTF gives meaning to strategy by giving a holistic overview of all the organizational ellements and create consistency between them.
  • BTF ensures clear project overview by knowing at all times, for all projects, why it is being executed and how it will help the company in realizing the strategy.
  • BTF can easily be implemented in your existing operation. Hence, the multiple advantages can quickly be realized.

Over 200 companies have successfully been transformed/are transforming by using this highly successful method.

BTF is agile

With BTF the necessary long term, top down, process of strategic planning belongs to the past. Because of the vertical and horizontal coherence provided by the BTF, projects with a high strategic contribution can be started within weeks. The framework can be addressed top to bottom and left to right for a theme or an element in one or more sprints. Using the structure will always result in projects related and contributing to the strategy.


“Novius made a Business Transformation Plan with us which made an important contribution to the alignment of business and IT. What sets Novius apart is the combination of simplicity and completeness.

Sandra Schellekens

former Chief Information Officer, Dela

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