Novius Business Empowerment Model®

The Novius Business Empowerment Model®. From strategic advice to successful execution.

In today’s disruptive and fast changing environment, Novius enables organizations to continue to perform and excel through leveraging the Novius Business Empowerment Model®, which governs a transparent, controlled and consistent approach.


novius business empowerment model®
Business Transformation Planning

We often start with designing a Business Transformation Plan according to the Business Transformation Framework. Based on the joint analysis of your business strategy, we develop a first outline of the enterprise architecture required to achieve your strategic goals, consisting of the desired structure and composition of your markets, products/services, business processes and required information systems. We also carry out a change diagnosis: what about your organisation’s urgency, willingness and capacity to change?

Enterprise architecture

Our architects sketch the enterprise architecture. This gives a framework for improvements and solutions, ensuring alignment with the business strategy and internal consistency. We always work in close cooperation with both client management and client professionals. In this way, we combine our knowledge, skills and experience with a detailed business understanding, delivering on the wishes of our clients.

Change portfolio management

The result of the Business Transformation Framework is the roadmap for carrying out the required changes. The change portfolio management enables decision-makers to evaluate, prioritise and
(re-)direct ongoing and new business transformation initiatives, both projects and business operations. Novius helps organisations with the establishment, implementation, performance and further development of business transformation portfolio management.

Program & project management

Professional program and project management is needed to complete the individual projects, which are part of the change portfolio, quick and effectively. Our consultants support you in a number of different roles, at all stages of the business transformation process. Sometimes this may mean a more managerial role, at other times, a coaching role fits better.

Business design

In order to survive, organizations have to be customer-focused, require efficient operations and must be agile. Business Process Management is the best way to achieve this. We see business design as a management approach in which the governance and design of organizations are determined by processes. Our consultants observe what is necessary to improve the process-readiness of the business, and we guide organizations in planning, performing and securing the envisaged business transformation. The approach comprises of a combination of design and development of the business processes. The design will be from outside in, integrally and iteratively.

Implementation & realization

To ensure that the change portfolio is implemented and the business transformation has been succeeded, we stay on board during the implementation and realization. During this phase the new way of working will be governed in the organization.

Added value
The Novius ‘Business Empowerment Framework’ offers sound support in formulating and carrying out the process of successful and future-proof business transformation management. The framework comprises all the elements which – in relation to each other – are important, to obtain and to keep a firm grasp on developments. We, as the Novius Consulting Group, can support organisations on all the elements of the Novius Business Empowerment model, referring to planning, changing and running the business. It depends on the specific situation of your organisation on which elements the focus will be.

The Novius Business Empowerment model enables organisations to:

  • identify elements that are part of the organisations problem;
  • provide insights in what elements are related to this concern;
  • help organisations to set up their change process;
  • control business transformations.

In brief, we work closely with our clients to develop robust strategies and innovative business solutions, often incorporating state-of-the-art IT solutions. And of course, we fully commit ourselves to a successful execution to get the results our clients expect. In this way, our solutions gain organisation-wide support and have a big impact.


“The more complicated the task, the sooner I think of Novius. What stood out was the pragmatic approach based on a structured way of thinking. Novius solved our problems while maintaining energy and motivation of our employees.”

Geert van der Steen

Former programme manager and information systems manager , Fortis ASR

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