The Transformation Hub (T-Hub)

The Transformation Hub is a collaboration between Mavim, EY and Microsoft and Novius. It brings international exposure and strengthens the Novius approach, because it is supported by state of the art technology and strong partners.

Today, organisations are coping with business challenges, such as emerging from the pressure of disruptive technologies, big data and the importance of customer centricity. In these, for most managers and organizations, unknown fields, managers are looking for strategic advice, tools and support that can help them with business transformations. In order to fulfil this need, Novius, Mavim, EY and Microsoft joined forces and started an intensive collaboration: the Transformation Hub.

The Transformation Hub helps organisations to get from strategy to execution during business transformations. From ideas to realisation! It is based on the Novius Business Transformation Framework® , supported by Mavim Rules software and several Microsoft solutions including Project Portfolio Management. The desire for such an approach came from organisations with the inability to:

  • translate changing strategies into the right activities for more successful projects;
  • align and integrate change for Business & Technology;
  • manage projects within time and budget;
  • gain insight in the actual contribution of projects to the defined strategies;
  • implement and control projects for successful business transformations.

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Due to the perpetual nature of change, transformation is meant to be an ongoing process.  It will be more successful if the plan is anchored in an organisation’s management cycle, with consideration of priorities and results, as well as a periodic adjustment of planned activities and projects.  In this complex and dynamic environment, the Transformation Hub provides an approach that offers companies the capability to take control over the future of their organisation.

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transformation hub


Novius is the founder of the Business Transformation Framework®. As a consultancy firm we give strategic advice, share our knowledge and help organizations with their business transformations. In today’s fast changing market conditions, successful business transformations are essential. By managing and implementing business transformations in a iterative way, a competitive edge can be obtained. We are proud to have already worked together with more than 200 customers in the area of business transformation.


Mavim empowers business & digital transformation. For the Transformation Hub, Mavim incorporated the Novius Business Transformation Framework® in Mavim Rules, offering a technical software solution to organizations by enabling them to record and share their content of the Novius Business Transformation Framework®, resulting in a change portfolio. Structuring and relating business processes, organizational policies, people and IT infrastructure in the Mavim software allows you to continuously manage, monitor, communicate and improve your business performance as the software creates clarity and insight in complex environments.


With their software Microsoft enables organization to manage their change portfolio with Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). The projects can be prioritized, planned and controlled with this software during the execution phase. To make it easier for organization get from strategy to execution an interface is built between the Business Tarnsformation Framework and Microsoft PPM.  But there is more smart technology:
Office 365 for excellent communications and collaboration and Power BI for all kinds of analyses and reporting.


EY is an international global consulting firm, always searching for opportunities to building a better working world. They recognized in the Novius Business Transformation Framework® a value-added solution by giving organizations a competitive edge. In the T-Hub collaboration, EY is the partner to bring the solution on a global scale, making it possible for international organizations to take advantage of this successful approach.

Added value
The Transformation Hub is an unique collaboration between four parties who each bring their specific and unique expertise, creating the following advantages for organizations:

  • Management of the transformation “from strategy to execution” with results that drive business
  • Greater insight in the contribution of themes, projects and epics to the new or existing strategy
  • Management of change portfolios within time and budget
  • Alignment of business & technology
  • Permanent synchronization of strategy development and execution of activities to achieve strategic goals
  • Interactive platform for communicating the impact (WHY, WAT and HOW) of a transformation

View the announcement on the collaboration of the Transformation Hub on the Gartner Summit in March 2016.

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Important note: be aware that the T-Hub consists of several solutions, services and components. Although the combination is very strong, it is possible to make your own choices in the selection of the elements that best fits to your requirements.



“The more complicated the task, the sooner I think of Novius. What stood out was the pragmatic approach based on a structured way of thinking. Novius solved our problems while maintaining energy and motivation of our employees.”

Geert van der Steen

Former programme manager and information systems manager , Fortis ASR

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